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Reggie Torbor offers a relaxed, but genuine and challenging approach to speaking. He encourages his audience to get out of their comfort zones. Reggie captivates his listeners by using his experiences to relay a message of hope and empowerment. He is effective in motivating listeners within all facets of life.  

Book Reggie TORBOR for YOUR speaking engagement

For speaking engagements, a 2-week minimum advance booking is required. This allows RT to properly prepare for the engagement so that each client will receive a tailored experience.  You will not get a speech out of the archives.  Fees range from $3000 - $5000, depending on the event and the audience size. 

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John Gibbons

FCA State Director

"Reggie Torbor is an amazing communicator. His ability to engage the audience with his personal experiences as a professional and college athlete along with those of being a husband and father make him the perfect speaker for any event where you desire to communicate that success comes from hard work, perseverance and applying biblical wisdom in every avenue of life. The combination of Reggie's humility and professionalism make him a joy to work with and he has always made a great impact on our audiences."

Taylar Posey, Assistant Principal

Alabaster City Schools 

"Reggie Torbor is very effective in his speech delivery. I watched him command the attention of his audience. He is a motivator and encourages those listening to strive for excellence. I hope that we have the opportunity to work with him again."
Tom Coughlin, Executive VP Football Operations - Jacksonville, Jaguars
"Reggie Torbor is a person of high integrity, dedicated to the task at hand, willing to accept whatever role he is challenged with! Always prepared, always in outstanding physical condition, Reggie is willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary for the good of the team!

Tom Coughlin, Executive VP

Football Operations

Jacksonville Jaguars

David L. Merritt, Sr - New York Football Giants

David L. Merritt, Sr.

"I never worried about him getting in trouble off the field because of his high character and strong moral beliefs. I remember Reggie being a man of his word on and off the field. Maturity, consistency and high character. These are the characteristics we look for in our players when building a football team and Reggie embodied all of these."

Kansas City Chiefs

George Edwards, Defensive Coordinator - Minnesota Vikings

George Edwards, Defensive Coordinator

Minnesota Vikings

"I'm truly grateful to have had the opportunity to coach and have a personal relationship with Reggie and his family. Reggie exemplifies the definition of a true professional as a football player and in all works of his life; as a father, husband, and a teacher. He possesses 5 traits that have proven success over history. His strong sense of nationalism. work ethic, pragmatism, self-reliance and belief in God are exemplary traits for success in endeavor. As a coach of 30 years I'm better in all phases of my career and life because of young men like him."
Bill Sheridan, Linebacker Coach - Detroit Lions

Bill Sheridan, Linebacker Coach

"In my 36 years of coaching, Reggie Torbor is among an elite group of individuals that I have been fortunate to work with, who demonstrated impeccable character and professionalism on a daily basis during our 4 years together with the New York Giants. Through his own skill training as a player, Reggie transformed himself from a prolific pass-rushing collegiate Defensive End into a starting Linebacker in the National Football League..." 

Boston College

Steve Spagnuolo, Defensive Coordinator - New York Giants
"Reggie is a man of few words but speaks volumes through action. He has always been an example of integrity, high character and steadfast work ethic. He is one of the few men who adds value to others because he puts others before himself! A true leader of men!!!

Steve Spagnuolo, Defensive Coordinator

Kansas City Chiefs

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